How to Secretly Discover Her Engagement Ring Size Without Her Knowing

How to Secretly Discover Her Engagement Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Jul 19, 2023

The journey from courtship to marriage is a thrilling voyage. As a man in love, you may have reached the beautiful point where you're ready to pop the question. You've thought long and hard about it, and you're certain that she's the one. You've even envisioned the proposal setting, rehearsed the words in your mind, and chosen the perfect engagement ring.

However, there's a minor hitch — you need her ring size. If you're set on keeping the proposal a surprise, you can't exactly ask her directly. So, how do you secretly find her ring size? Here are some crafty and ingenious ways to get the job done that are more likely to work without getting into trouble.

The 'Ring Shopping with a Friend' Method

Recruit one of her close friends or relatives. Have them suggest a casual day out which could 'accidentally' include window shopping for jewelry. During the 'spontaneous' ring trial, the friend can take note of her ring size for you.

The 'Dabble in Clay' Tactic

Plan a fun day of clay or play-dough modeling at home. In the midst of the playful mess, ask her to make a mold of her hand or finger. This can later be used as a guide to estimate her ring size. Alternatively, you can craft a clay ring that fits her finger well, then align this handmade model with a ring size chart for an accurate measure.

Proposing is one of life's big moments. The secret to pulling it off lies not only in the surprise factor but also in the demonstration of your dedication and attention to detail, particularly in knowing her ring size. It shows how well you know her and how much you care. Once you've accomplished your secret mission, all that's left is to take a deep breath, pop the question, and look forward to spending the rest of your life with your beloved.

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Good luck!