A Gentleman's Guide: How to Wear Rings Properly

A Gentleman's Guide: How to Wear Rings Properly

Aug 30, 2023


In the world of men’s fashion, rings are powerful. They can subtly convey confidence, style, and personality. However, wearing rings isn’t just about sliding one onto your finger; there’s an art to it. In this blog post, inspired by our latest video guide, we break down the dos and don’ts of wearing rings for men.

The Symbolism of Rings

Historically, rings have symbolized everything from marital status to professional affiliations. Today, they are a way for men to express personal style.

- Wedding Bands: Most commonly worn on the ring finger of the left hand, these symbolize commitment.

- Signet Rings: Traditionally worn on the pinky finger, signet rings can represent family or personal heritage.

Choosing the Right Ring

Before you start wearing rings, you need to find the ones that suit your style and personality.

- Material Matters: Silver is versatile and understated, while gold makes a bolder statement. Alternative materials, like titanium or wood, offer a contemporary edge.

- Style and Design: From minimalistic bands to ornate designs, choose a ring that reflects your personal aesthetic.

The Rules of Wearing Rings

Here are some rules and tips that can guide you:

1. Balance is Key: Avoid wearing multiple bold rings on one hand. Distribute them across both hands to maintain a balanced look.

2. Less is More: You don’t need to wear a ring on every finger. One or two tasteful pieces often make more of a statement than an overcrowded hand.

3. Match Your Metals: Try to keep the metal of your rings consistent with other jewelry, like your watch or cufflinks.

The Finger Guide

- Index Finger: Traditionally the finger for rings of power or authority.

- Middle Finger: A safe and neutral choice for most men.

- Ring Finger: Reserved mostly for wedding bands or commitment rings.

- Pinky Finger: Popular for signet or family rings.

How to Size a Ring Properly

Nothing ruins the look of a ring like an improper fit. It’s crucial to have your ring size measured professionally, but if you’re ordering online, many jewelers provide printable size guides.


Rings are more than mere ornaments; they are an expression of a man’s style and character. With the right ring worn the right way, you can effortlessly make a statement that is uniquely your own. Remember, confidence is key – if you love a ring and it feels comfortable, that’s the most important thing.